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Summer schedule 2015:


P.D.Q. Bach’s Knock, knock, his Birthday Ode to Big Daddy Bach, and some of his Art of the Ground Round, plus (as selected by the singers) The Ballad of Sweeney Todd, My soul's been anchored in the Lord, Omnia Sol, Mvt. 4 of Requiem (Brahms), Song of the Vikings.

June 24

intro to IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet); Pick pieces from library; read selections; Knock, knock pg. 8-11, 26-36.

July 1

Continue to read selections (vote on repertoire)

July 8

Birthday Ode pg. 8-end; review Knock, knock pg. 8-11, 26-36; Sweeney Todd; My Soul (to 70); Brahms (to B)

July 15

Birthday Ode all; Knock, knock pg. 26-36; Sweeney Todd; My Soul (to 70); Brahms (to C); Omnia Sol (to pg. 7)

July 21

Birthday Ode all; Knock, knock pg. 26-36; My Soul (70 to end); Brahms (all); Omnia Sol (all); Vikings (to pg 6)

July 29

PDQ—all solos ready; Vikings (pg. 7-end); review others

August 5 TBA
August 12 TBA
August 19 TBA
August 24

Dress rehearsal with piano in Main Auditorium (6:00–8:00)

August 26

Concert. 7:30 p.m. Main Auditorium. (Call at 6:00)


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[For IPA guide, go to "Kindly Dr. Powell's Guides", below]

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