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Drexel University Undergraduate Admissions
Stand Outside the Curriculum.

Dear Student,

Drexel students are known for being talented and dedicated, but some of them are so ambitious that their intellectual curiosity and career interests can't be satisfied by a single academic program. For those students, we offer the custom-designed major.

Based in Drexel's Pennoni Honors College, the custom-designed major enables highly motivated students to pursue an individualized course of study at Drexel University not readily available through an existing major, or a combination of existing majors and/or minors. The custom-designed major:

  • Provides the opportunity for an early intensive research experience.
  • Incorporates Drexel Co-op as part of its degree requirements.
  • Culminates in an original, interdisciplinary senior-year project.

If you're the type of independent student who could benefit from developing your own plan of study with the help of a faculty advisor, visit the custom-designed major website. To view a list of all Drexel undergraduate majors, check out our academic programs page.


Casey Turner, PhD
Assistant Vice President, Recruitment

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