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    John A. Daskalakis '63

    At Drexel, the name "Daskalakis" is not only part of the vocabulary, it is synonymous with "sports" and "athletics." Whether you're a Drexel Dragon, training for hours each week inside the Daskalakis Athletic Center, a professor going for a quick run between classes, a student on the climbing wall or a local fan dropping by to catch a match at the U.S. Open Squash Championship, everyone knows the DAC.

    John A. Daskalakis '63 wanted it this way. "My dream," he says, "was to provide a center on campus for all students so they can relax and simply have fun in a safe and clean environment, as well as to provide them a break between studies."

    Daskalakis excelled in sports at Drexel as a lacrosse player, as a member of the freshman football team. Looking back, he says, sports taught him more than just the physical lessons of balance, endurance and strength.

    "The support and lessons I learned from being on the men's lacrosse team and from the camaraderie I experienced," he says, "have changed my life. In turn, I made a promise to myself to change Drexel for the better once I was in a position to do so."

    This year Daskalakis made a historic gift to the Athletics Department. Thanks to his passion for team sports and his support for healthy college lifestyles in general, Drexel is currently experiencing exciting improvements at the DAC.

    His 2012 donation has marked the beginning of the "I am a Dragon" campaign, which is meant to aid Drexel Athletics in renovating, improving and building facilities. These changes will be felt by all students, whether they are playing sports at the team level or simply dropping by the DAC to energize and take a break from their studies.

    Every day, more than 3,000 students and professional staff visit the DAC for recreation and competition. In addition, many of the athletic events are televised regionally and nationally. Mr. Daskalakis says, "I love seeing first-hand, from my own living room, how much fun and spirit our Drexel students are having attending or participating."

    As he says, "The latest renovations of Drexel's men's and women's basketball teams offices and locker rooms will provide our student-athletes with state-of-the art facilities, providing them with a better learning environment and helping to attract potential students to our world-class campus." Aside from his sports-filled time here at Drexel, Daskalakis was also a member of Pi Kappa Phi, Army ROTC and the American Society of Materials Engineers. After graduating, he started his own telecommunications business, TRS Communications, which he sold to Motorola in 2000. He received the 2001 College of Engineering Alumni Circle of Distinction Award and was added to the Drexel 100, the University's alumni hall of fame.

    Daskalakis says, "The pride that is generated by Drexel athletics brings our campus together, provides a front-porch for potential students who want to attend Drexel, and creates an identity for our University that is otherwise difficult to obtain."