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Arcobaleno, Inc

Chef Marc Vetri ‘90 HD ‘14, teaches Italian cuisine
using Arcobaleno’s pasta machines.

A pasta lab to please even the most discerning gastronome and food artist is in development at Drexel’s new Center for Hospitality and Sport Management, thanks in part to Arcobaleno’s gift of three of the company’s top-of-the-line pasta machines.

“Pasta is meant for sharing,” says Maja Adelitta, owner, with her husband Antonio, of Arcobaleno, Inc. They design and produce their machines, which are capable of producing pasta in a wide variety of shapes and colors — hence the company name, Italian for “rainbow” — on site in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, often skill-sharing with Drexel’s vast talent pool.

“Our business started with a passion for manufacturing innovative pasta machines,” say Mr. and Mrs. Adelitta. “Most developments happen because of your customers, having passion for innovation and improvement and thinking that everything is possible.”

It was this spirit of innovation that first attracted the Adelittas to Drexel University. The pair, impressed with the reputation of Drexel’s mechanical engineering program, hired engineering graduate Carlos Barbosa ‘03 as part of their team. They have also hosted mechanical engineering co-op students to work on new developments like Arcobaleno’s pierogi machine.

In addition to hiring Drexel students and alumni, donating top-of-the-line pasta machines to the University gives the couple an opportunity to be on the leading edge of culinary education and leadership development. Students in Drexel’s culinary arts program are learning to use the machines — the same ones used by chefs like Eli Kulp, Kevin Sbraga and Joe Cicala — in classes that prepare them for the competitive world of food and hospitality.

Drexel alumnus and world-renowned Italian chef and restaurateur Marc Vetri ‘90 HD ‘14, teaches Italian cuisine using Arcobaleno’s pasta machines through his culinary arts class, Directed Studies with a Master Chef, at Drexel. One of his former students, David Klein ‘14, now works for Mr. Vetri at his namesake Philadelphia restaurant, Vetri. Being able to learn on the same equipment used in the restaurant is a valuable experiential learning tool for Drexel’s culinary students.

Helping up-and-coming leaders in a range of different fields contribute to the pasta industry is exciting to the Adelittas, who view it as an extension of what pasta itself is all about. “We believe preparing for the future is about sharing tools today with students to support the next generation of talent,” they say.

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