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Bayada Home Health Care

Compassion. Excellence. Reliability.

“We’re trying to make a difference and help others. That’s my basic DNA.”

These, BAYADA Home Health Care’s core values, also guide the company foundation’s involvement with Drexel University. BAYADA and Drexel’s College of Nursing and Health Professions share a deep commitment to ensuring that the nursing profession is made up of competent and compassionate healthcare professionals committed to improving wellness and reducing health disparities, making a partnership between the two entities a natural fit.

Founder and CEO J. Mark Baiada HD ’14, his wife, Ann HD ’14 — herself a registered nurse — and BAYADA Home Health Care have been longtime supporters of Drexel’s College of Nursing and Health Professions, seeking to advance the nursing practice through technological innovation and enhanced academic experience. The BAYADA Award for Technological Innovation in Nursing Education and Practice, which the BAYADA Foundation established in 2004 and continues to support, recognizes nurses who have made a significant contribution to nursing education or practice through the development and adoption of a new technology.

“[Through the innovative work of our students] Drexel will serve as a role model and move up the ranks, bringing other universities along with it,” says Mr. Baiada, a former trustee of Drexel’s College of Medicine.

Mr. and Mrs. Baiada’s commitment to their community and to the health professions has been marked through their extensive philanthropy and volunteer involvement. The couple has given not only to Drexel and other educational institutions, but also to boots-on-the-ground healthcare efforts in war zones and to areas impacted by natural disasters, among other causes. They also have served on a number of boards and advisory councils, and have been lauded by numerous organizations for their involvement. In recognition of their dedication and service to the community, extensive professional achievements and their honorable commitment to health care and in particular the field of nursing, they received honorary degrees from Drexel in 2014.

For the Baiadas, championing the cause of health care on both the professional and personal front is a calling, and a way to increase impact.

“Private institutions rely on donations to create access for a wider group of students and families,” says Mr. Baiada.

Through his company foundation’s contribution to the BAYADA Award, that is exactly what he and his wife are doing. BAYADA is giving Drexel’s nursing students an advantage, expanding their opportunities and rewarding their innovative applications of technology.

“It’s competitive at the top end,” says Mr. Baiada. “Drexel is a wonderful, educational and formative experience. We should give to help generations and we should make it substantial.”

BAYADA Home Health Care’s stalwart support of Drexel’s College of Nursing and Health Professions will help future generations, granting nurse practitioners and educators the ability to let their patients live comfortably and with dignity through innovation and application.

“We’re trying to make a difference and help others,” says Mr. Baiada, “That’s my basic DNA.”

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