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Bentley Systems

“It seemed to me that it would well serve Drexel for most Drexel graduates to have had hands-on experience with the process of creating, defining, testing and using apps.”

Bentley Systems CEO Gregory S. Bentley first became involved with Drexel University when Bentley Systems began participating in the Drexel co-op program. Mr. Bentley was impressed by the quality of the students that the company employed. In response to an invitation by Board of Trustees member, former interim Drexel President and Honors College benefactor Chuck Pennoni '63 '66 HD'92, Mr. Bentley became involved with the Honors College Advisory Board, on which he currently serves as chair.

Now, through Bentley Systems’ generous contribution to create the APP Lab, in collaboration with Pennoni Honors College, students are being given new opportunities in the field of mobile app development.

“Apps are a form of computing that is broadly accessible to more of us, beyond technical specialists,” says Bentley. “My thought behind the creation of the Application Development Laboratory (or APP Lab) was to help increase the ‘APP-titude,’ as I say, of Drexel students at large.”

The APP Lab is open to students throughout the University who have an interest in this growing field. Its mission is to help all students become more competitive in the workplace by gaining exposure to the power of apps in a cross-disciplinary and innovative learning environment.

“It seemed to me that it would well serve Drexel for most Drexel graduates to have had hands-on experience with the process of creating, defining, testing and using apps,” says Mr. Bentley. “That APP-titude would increase students’ comfort with computing in general, as its form factor will continue to change over the course of their careers, for greater accessibility of information technology.”

“Greg Bentley’s appreciation of Drexel students and of the creative ways that they can be supported is reflected in his creation of an App Development Lab,” said Dr. Paula Marantz Cohen, dean of the Pennoni Honors College. “Greg really gets the ways that our best students can make a unique contribution to the workplace and to society at large. We also feel lucky to have him chairing the Honors Advisory Board.”

Bentley Systems employs a number of Drexel students who, says Mr. Bentley, are not only launching their careers, but bringing success to the company with their real-world skills and practical experience.

“There are many Drexel University alums among our most productive Bentley Systems executives,” says Mr. Bentley. “They have brought to our company the combination of technical competency, resourcefulness and relevant experience that competitively differentiates Drexel graduates.”

Mr. Bentley, a Drexel University Trustee, supports not just the quality of the academics Drexel provides students and alumni, but the community engagement that this University inspires among both.

“The vision of Anthony J. Drexel impresses me very much,” says Mr. Bentley. “His founding commitment for the Drexel Institute was that its graduates would not only have an excellent education, but also be well prepared for great jobs, enabling them to immediately and consistently contribute in the economy and community.”

Bentley Systems’ corporate contributions have been significant.

“Our Bentley family believes that those of us who succeed in opportunities for commercial growth ought to lead the way in civic and philanthropic contributions,” he says. “If not us, who?”

Adds Mr. Bentley, “Our philosophy on giving back at Bentley Systems is to support the preferences and endeavors of our own colleagues. So, in general, our programs don’t entail our management’s assessment and consideration of all possible worthwhile causes. Instead, we follow the direction of our generous and community-minded colleagues by supporting the civic and educational organizations (like Drexel) to which they contribute, both financially and in their leadership participation. And we are pleased that Drexel alums at Bentley have led the way in, for example, helping with research sponsorship and also serving on advisory boards at Drexel.”

Recognizing its role in the global community, Bentley Systems invests not only in its own future, but also in the future of our society by giving others the opportunity to achieve and contribute on their own.

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