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Sean Gallagher ’93

“If Drexel opened doors for you, then the appropriate thing to do is give back.”

Sean Gallagher ’93, wants to give students the power to determine their future. In order to do this, he believes students must be given the opportunity to finance their education.

Last year, he provided a valuable contribution to the Bennett S. Lebow College of Business Operation Graduation, which is a scholarship program that specifically helps junior and senior students fund their final two years at Drexel. Scholarship support like this is important to Mr. Gallagher. He believes that the Drexel brand of education is what employers demand and a Drexel degree is the key to success.

“If Drexel opened doors for you, then the appropriate thing to do is give back,” he says. “Higher education has become unaffordable to many students, so my focus is on giving to scholarships. In my view, this is the biggest area of unmet need.”

Mr. Gallagher gives the students of the Bennett S. LeBow College of Business the same opportunities he had by allowing them to continue their education through scholarship support. As one of the youngest partners at Goldman Sachs, he understands that employers value a strong work ethic combined with a real-world perspective.

“I have a blue collar mentality with everything I do,” he says. “No job is beneath me and I have no sense of entitlement. I work hard and I’m a regular person. I share those values with Drexel.”

He feels that Drexel teaches not only the academic principles, but also the no-nonsense capability of working
alongside professionals. He wants all students to have access to this caliber of education and not have to face a delay in earning their degree.

“Drexel is a school that prepares you. I came out ready. I had experience in corporate America and I never would have gotten my first job without Drexel,” he says. “You learn to work hard and be involved in leadership, manage group work, build up communication skills and be a good team player.”

Mr. Gallagher is a member of Drexel University’s Board of Trustees as well as on the Institutional Advancement and Endowment committees. He also supports the Dragon Fund, where he invites Drexel students to Goldman Sachs every six months to pitch their favorite stocks.

“We’ve hired over 30 [recent Drexel graduates] and I’m trying to keep the doors open. Alumni have to make sure the pipeline is open to Drexel,” he says.

With the expansion of the University community, Mr. Gallagher sees it as a priority that students are afforded the opportunity to take advantage of everything Drexel has to offer.

“It’s important to be attached to a school on an upswing,” he says. “Drexel is rising in the ranks and in stature. President Fry’s leadership is phenomenal, and under his guidance Drexel is taking much better care of its students. All of this is the fruit of investment.”

The fruit of Mr. Gallagher’s investment lies in the fact that our recent LeBow graduates are highly sought after members of the workforce who not only have potential for success, but the capability to succeed. He invests in our students by supporting the tools that will allow them to earn their degrees.

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