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July 1, 2015 - June 30, 2016

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One-hundred and twenty-five years ago, Anthony J. Drexel foresaw the need for an institution that would prepare his beloved Philadelphia for the challenges and opportunities of the industrial revolution. Boldly, yet without fanfare, he stepped into this void with a disruptive notion that higher education should be open to all, advancing the ideals of a just and diverse society. Since then, Drexel University has relied on philanthropic leaders like you to sustain our founder’s vision and take it in dynamic new directions.

In fiscal year 2016, your generosity allowed Drexel to raise a record-breaking total for the third year in a row. Private support was $120.7 million, surpassing our goal by $700,000. It was especially inspiring to see the University ignite our donors’ passions. After immersing themselves in our public health programs, Dana ’83 HD ’14 and David Dornsife HD ’14 made a transformative gift naming the Dana and David Dornsife School of Public Health. And our inaugural Day of Giving captured the imagination of 2,887 alumni, students, parents, faculty, staff and friends, who donated $713,514 in just 24 hours.

"I know the world is going to change," wrote Anthony J. Drexel in 1888, "and therefore the Institute must change with it." Because of you, education at Drexel remains as vital and revolutionary as it was at the turn of the 20th century. Thanks to your legacy and impact, our vibrant, globally-influenced campus now spans the Schuylkill River, attracting ambitious and entrepreneurial students and researchers. We’re launching game-changing technologies with remarkable impact — at the same rate achieved by schools with many times the research funding that we have. Simultaneously, we’ve leaned into the social challenges presented by neglected neighborhoods around us, partnering with citizens to rebuild, renew and transform.

As we forge ahead into the most ambitious fundraising campaign in the University's history, I’m grateful beyond measure that you are with us. You fuel our aspirations with your ceaseless dedication to our students, our mission and our vision.

Because of you Drexel stands, once again, at the threshold of a new era worthy of our founder. Your legacy is Drexel’s future; your impact is the difference our University will make in the world.

Thank you for all you have done to bring us to this moment.

Warm regards

John A. Fry


On December 17, 1891, the Drexel Institute of Art, Science and Industry was dedicated to great fanfare in its original building on Chestnut Street. A modern campus has grown around the almost unchanged exterior of the historic Main Building. Image courtesy of the Drexel University Libraries

Board of Trustees


Drexel University Board of Trustees

Renee J. Amoore
Paul “Mel” Baiada ’82 ’85
Jeffrey A. Beachell ’93
James Bean ’91
Sally J. Bellet
Gregory S. Bentley
Carl M. Buchholz HD ’16
Randall S. Burkert ’82
Thomas A. Caramanico
R. John Chapel Jr. ’67
Ida K. Chen
Kathleen P. Chimicles ’83
Abbie Dean ’07
Nicholas DeBenedictis ’68 ’69 HD ’87
Richard J. DePiano ’64
Gerianne Tringali DiPiano
Domenic M. DiPiero III
Robert J. Drummond ’66
Brian R. Ford
John A. Fry *
Sean J. Gallagher ’93
David R. Geltzer ’77
Richard A. Greenawalt ’66 **
Richard A. Hayne
Cynthia P. Heckscher
Mary R. “Nina” Henderson ’72
Richard C. Ill ’73
Patricia H. Imbesi ’69
Joseph H. Jacovini HD ’04
Alan C. Kessler
Thomas R. Kline
J. Michael Lawrie ’77
Raphael C. Lee, MD ’75
James “Jamie” Joseph Maguire Jr.
Robert J. Mongeluzzi

Anthony M. Noce, JD ’80
Denis P. O’Brien ’87
Richelle P. Parham ’91
C. R. “Chuck” Pennoni ’63 ’66 HD ’92
D. Howard Pierce ’71
Charles P. Pizzi
Robert F. Powelson
Michael A. Rashid
William T. Schleyer ’73 HD ’06
Stephen A. Sheller
Stanley W. Silverman ’69 ’74
Manuel N. Stamatakis HD ’05
Joseph P. Ujobai ’84
Charles K. Valutas ’73
Michael J. Williams ’80 ’83

Drexel University Board of Trustees – Emeriti

Sylvia "Sibby" Merkel Brasler '60
Robert R. Buckley '58 HD '12
Barry C. Burkholder '62 '70
Robert L. Byers Sr. '65 HD '02
John G. Johnson Jr. '70 '72
George F. Krall Jr. '58 HD '14
James E. Marks '47 '49 HD '15
Robert McClements Jr. '52
John A. Nyheim HD '05
Melba Pearlstein HD '11
John J. Roberts '67 '71 HD '05
Ray Westphal '59 HD '02
E. Frederick Wheelock, MD, PhD

The Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University Board of Trustees

Peter A. Austen
John F. Bales III
M. Brian Blake, PhD
Jeffrey A. Beachell

Abbie Dean
Robert J. Delany
Robert E. Drury
Jeffrey E. Eberly
John A. Fry*
George W. Gephart Jr.*
David Griffith
Ellen D. Harvey
Cynthia Heckscher**
Jun Huangpu, PhD, MBA
Catherine T. Hunt, PhD
David P. Lazar Sr.
Page Leidy
Sandra L. McLean
Allen J. Model
Ann L. Reed
Michael H. Reed Esq.
Van R. Reiner
Gerald B. Rorer
Ivy Silver
Judith E. Soltz Esq.
John J. Soroko
Robert Victor
Kenneth J. Warren Esq.

The Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University Board of Trustees - Emeriti

Edward A. Montgomery Jr.
I. Wistar Morris III
Seymour S. Preston III
Minturn T. Wright III

The Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University Honorary Trustees

Elizabeth G. Dolan

* President ** Chair


The Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia was founded in 1812 and opened its doors to the public in 1828. The collections expanded so rapidly that the Academy outgrew its building three times in 60 years. In 1876, its present home was built at 19th Street and Benjamin Franklin Parkway. Image courtesy of the Academy of Natural Sciences Library & Archives. Coll. 49

Volunteer Boards & Councils




Many individuals dedicated to the mission and the advancement of Drexel University serve on our volunteer boards and councils. Through their efforts, they support the development of programs and services that empower our students, faculty, staff and alumni communities.


Board of Visitors

Penny R. Blatt
Kathleen A. Bossone
Sylvia “Sibby” Merkel Brasler ‘60 *
Robert R. Buckley ‘58 HD ‘12 *
Barry C. Burkholder ‘62 ‘70 *
Robert L. Byers Sr. ‘65 HD ‘02 *
Hugh A. Chairnoff, PhD ‘61 *
D. Walter Cohen, DDS HD ‘09 * **
Joel B. Cohen ‘54 *
Allan Dovberg
Dorothy M. Farrelly
Louis C. Farrelly
George F. Krall Jr. ‘58 HD ‘14 *
James E. Marks ‘47 ‘49 HD ‘15 *
I. Wistar Morris III HD ‘14
John A. Nyheim HD ‘05 *
Melba Pearlstein HD ‘11 *
Daniel Promislo ‘55 *
Ernest Scheller Jr.
Roberta Scheller ‘80
Harriet Soffa
J. Richard Weggel, PhD ‘64 * **

President’s Energy and the Environment Council

Anthony S. Bartolomeo
Terry Boston
Philip J. Cavatoni ‘86
Suzanne G. Chiavari ‘85 ‘93
David G. DeCampli ‘80 *
Robert R. Diemer
Domenic M. DiPiero ‘68
Mimi K. Drake
John Giordano
Ned A. Godshall, PhD ‘75
Edward J. Graham ‘87
Joseph P. Grimes Jr. ‘79 *
Michael J. Hennigan ‘82
Janice K. Kane ‘81 *
Stanley L. King ‘73
Preston J. Luitweiler ‘84 ‘88
Jeffrey J. Lyash Jr. ‘84
William F. Maguire ‘87
Lawrence S. Margolis ‘57
Martín Múgica
Jorge Pelaez
Marsha R. Perelman
Tom Riley
Stanley W. Silverman ‘69 ‘74 *
John Simkiss
Gary R. Stockbridge ‘84 ‘05
Catherine Ward
Joseph E. Williams ‘70 *

College of Medicine Advisory Board

Atul K. Amin, MD, MBA
Elinor H. Cantor, PhD, MBA '79 * **
D. Walter Cohen, DDS HD '09 * **
Loretta P. Finnegan, MD '64
Brian R. Ford
Wayne T. Gattinella '76 HD '12

Donald A. Girard, MD '82
Mary R. "Nina" Henderson '72 *
S. Jay Mirmanesh, MD, MBA **
Jonathan S. Nalli '03
Sandra Schultz Newman '59 HD '01
D. Howard Pierce '71 *
Marlene E. Rackson, MD '82
Michael A. Rashid
Bryan L. Rishforth '92
Corey K. Ruth, MD
Raymond S. Schreyer, MD '78
Stanley W. Silverman '69 '74 *
Manuel N. Stamatakis HD '05
Charles K. Valutas '73 *

President’s Leadership Council

Alfred F. Altomari ‘82
Rebecca C. Bagin ‘89
Donald R. Braun Jr. ‘84
Martin R. Brown ‘69 ‘72
Margaret C. Burns ‘79 *
Deanna M. Byrne ‘92
Philip J. Cavatoni ‘86
Maria Mascioli Charlton ‘82 *
K. Blair Christie ‘94 ‘99
Michael A. Curley ‘80
Robert J. Delany ‘89 ‘96
Mary Beth DeNooyer ‘92
Thomas J. Doll ‘88
John J. Donnelly ‘72 *
James B. Dougherty Jr. ‘78 ‘81
Raymond J. Fabius, MD ‘77
Nancy S. Hays ‘83
Janice K. Kane ‘81 *
Craig P. Keller ‘82 ‘88
Stanley L. King ‘73
David A. Knouft ‘93
Kristen G. Knouft ‘93
Marx S. Leopold
Gwen R. Libstag, MBA
Albert L. Lord III ‘89
Jeffrey T. Macaluso ‘82 *
Peter Madden
Brian G. McElwee ‘72 *
Patrick S. McGonigal ‘86
William F. Mitchell ‘66 *
Dennis J. Murray ‘79 *
Matthew S. Naylor ‘12
Kevin J. O’Hara ‘83
David M. O’Malley ‘97
Andrew J. Pennoni ‘91
Robert S. Pick ‘74
Joseph W. Pooler Jr. ‘02
Ajay Raju
Pedro A. Ramos HD ‘14
Bonnie E. Richards ‘92
Rich Richardson
Steven J. Rocci ‘77 * **
James D. Schultz
Robert E. Turner
Kyle B. Wescoat ‘74
Larry Wittig ‘72 ‘75

President’s Real Estate Advisory Council

David J. Adelman
Brett Altman
Sally J. Bellet
Matt Bergheiser
Douglas E. Carney **
Barry A. Depew ‘84
Daniel M. DiLella
Allan Domb
Carl E. Dranoff ‘70 HD ‘86
Jay Eisner
Linda A. Galante
Richard S. Gottlieb ‘86
John Grady
Bradley J. Korman
Paul Levy HD ‘12
Alan Lindy
Charles D. Lomax
Peter S. Longstreth
Wade McDevitt
Clive G. Mendelow
John Mershon
Kimberly Mitchell, PhD **
Chris Pennington
Jon R. Powell
Bruce F. Robinson ‘78 ‘84
Jon C. Sarkisian
Catherine Swift Sennett ‘80
Kevin Silverang
Gerard H. Sweeney

Drexel Family Committee

Abigail P. Alexander
Andrew D. Allen
Asia Baker
Anthony J. Biddle III
Cordelia F. Biddle **
Frederick L. Bissinger Jr.
Nancy D. Bissinger
Anthony J. D. Cadwalader
George W. Connell
Ellen “Lalla” de Rham
John C. Devereux
John J. Devereux
Laura Devereux
George D. Drexel
Laura C. Drexel
Dorothy M. Farrelly
Louis C. Farrelly
Stephen R. R. Farrelly
John R. Fell III
Sara Worrall Greenleaf
Amanda C. W. Maruyama ‘72
Thomas E. Paul
Wendy Drexel Paul
Frances Cheston Train
Anna C. Worrall

President’s Parents Council

Diane Agnes
Louis J. Agnes
Garrett Alexander
Catherine K. Altman
Laurence R. Altman
Arthur C. Anton
Despina Anton
Michael F. Barry ‘81 *
Patricia Bartlett ‘81 *
Robin G. Batoff
H. Jay Bellwoar
Kathleen Bellwoar
Cindy Smukler Ben Hamo
Ohad Ben Hamo
David A. Bottger, MD
Karen Bottger
Leslie P. Bowes
Diane Brockel
Donald A. Brockel ‘81
Gary S. Brotz ‘84
Maura Brotz
Christopher L. Bruner
Marie F. Lugo Bruner
James R. Burdett
Marie Burdett
John Campbell
Rebecca Campbell
H. Augustus Carey
Jennifer R. Carey
Amy Chafetz
Howard B. Chafetz
Charles V. Creighton
Margaret M. Creighton
Susan B. Dillon, PhD
Mark K. Doi
Tracey C. Doi
Daniele D. Elkins
David V. Elkins ‘96
Haley Esser
Rich Esser
Christopher Ferguson ‘84 HD ‘09
Sandy Ferguson
Emma Garrison-Alexander, PhD
Frank H. Granito III
Monica A. Granito
Patricia Grobman
Richard Grobman ‘85
Kevin J. Hawkesworth
Nancy S. Hays ‘83
Sara F. Heard
Jonathan Hitchon
Tijana Hitchon
Elinor Kaplan
Mark Kaplan
Pamela A. Kovach-Young
Gema LaSarte
David Lazarus, JD
Gail Lazarus
David Lloyd
Janine G. Lloyd
Mark D. McAdoo ‘87
Maureen M. McAdoo ‘87

F. William McNabb III
Katherine McNabb
Karl Meyer, PhD
Robin C. Meyer
Nadim Y. Muasher
Rania Muasher
Martín Múgica
F. Lisa Murtha
James F. Murtha
Edwin Nalle
Karen Dotrice Nalle
Megan Maguire Nicoletti
Annette Nicosia
Frank P. Nicosia ‘94
Stephen L. Olitsky, DMD
Tamar G. Olitsky
Catherine Piasecki ‘88
Frederick W. Piasecki
Scott Pruitt, MD, PhD
C. Robert Quint
Deborah B. Quint
David J. Reape
Kathleen Reape, MD
Fatiha Remh
Norman Riback
Valerie Riback
Michael L. Riesenbach ‘93
Susan Riesenbach
Jeanne A. Schluth
William T. Schluth
Paul Sehnert
Pamela Shaw-Hawkesworth
Donato Sisto
Joan Sisto, MD
JoAnn Morgan Slavin
Michael Slavin, MD
Mostafa Terrab, PhD
Joann M. Teti
Louis N. Teti
Leslie G. Tilles
Peter Tilles
Patrick J. Walker
Therese Walker
Charles F. Winters
Margaret Winters
William Wong, PhD
Janice Worth
Paul J. Young

Drexel University Alumni Board of Governors

Richard D. Blumberg ‘84
Anthony Bracali ‘99
Shawn M. Brown, EdD ‘08
Jacquelyn A. Bryant ‘95 ‘10
Nicole A. Cashman ‘94
Maria Mascioli Charlton ‘82 *
Joel B. Cohen ‘54 *
Fred Crotchfelt III, MBA ‘65 ‘66 *
Christopher J. D’Ascenzo, MS ‘82 ‘84
Susan B. Daroff 70 *
James B. Dougherty Jr., MS, JD ‘78 ‘81

Gregory M. Gaffney ‘00
Patricia McHugh Giordano, DO ‘88
Nana Goldberg ‘78
Paul C. Gondek, PhD ‘74 * **
Duane E. Hamme, MBA ‘62 ‘70 *
Paul K. Johnson, MBA ‘92 ‘07
David V. Kaganovsky ‘95
Arnold H. Kaplan ‘62 *
Fred M. Kaplan, MBA ‘83
Adelina Gerace Kieffer, JD ‘77 *
Meghan L. Klauder, MS, MBA ‘03
Robert S. Lazzaro, MBA ‘82 ‘96
Cindy E. Leesman ‘83 **
Lawrence Lehmann ‘72 *
Jeffrey M. Lisinicchia ‘90
Jeffrey T. Macaluso ‘82 *
Theodore P. Michaels ‘82
Donna H. Mueller, PhD ‘65 ‘70
Anthony M. Noce, JD ‘80
Dean P. O’Brien ‘12
Jacqueline M. Ring, MS ‘87
Christopher Stratakis, JD ‘51 *
E. Mitchell Swann ‘81
Ira M. Taffer, PhD ‘79 ‘83 *
Kevin M. Turcotte ‘08
Fred W. Ulmer Jr., EdD ‘57
Patrick J. Williams ‘04
Steven B. Wittenberg, JD, MBA ‘98

College of Medicine Alumni Board of Directors

Robert M. Abbott, MD ‘85
Vanessa S. Boyce, PhD ‘07
Jason T. Bradley, MD ‘04
Elinor H. Cantor, PhD, MBA ‘79 * **
Catherine Nicolaides Codella, MD ‘84
Mark S. Codella, MD ‘84
David A. Cohen, MD ‘83 **
Jill DeHaven, MS ‘10
Robert V. DeSilverio, MD ‘59 * **
Loretta P. Finnegan, MD ‘64
Baber Ghauri, MD, MBA ‘06
Angela Capo Granata, MD ‘86
Lorraine F. Gutowicz, MD ‘78
Kelly M. Heath, MD ‘03
Andrew R. Kohut, MD ‘02 **
Joyann A. Kroser, MD ‘90
Angelo C. Lepore, PhD ‘06
Bruno V. Manno Jr., MD ‘78
Timothy A. Manzone, MD, JD ‘89
Anna T. Meadows, MD ‘69
A. George Neubert, MD ‘89
Dennis H. Novack, MD ‘72 **
Heather J. Painter, PhD ‘08
Claudia S. Plottel, MD ‘84
Kathleen F. Ryan, MD ‘91 **
Susan M. Sandler, MD ‘89
Raymond S. Schreyer, MD ‘78
Richard D. Shusterman, MD ‘80 ‘83
William D. Surkis, MD ‘02
Rani Vasudeva, PhD ‘11


* 25 years or more of faithful giving     ** Faculty and staff

Friends We’ll Miss

Carl M. Buchholz HD ’16

Carl M. Buchholz HD ’16President John Fry said of Carl Buchholz HD ’16 that “he lived life in a constant state of thanksgiving for all he had, and he was determined to share his many gifts with the extended communities he served so well and generously.” Drexel University is exceptionally lucky to have been one of those communities. Mr. Buchholz joined the Board of Trustees in 2011 and served on the Audit, Governance and Complex Transactions Committees.

One of Philadelphia’s premiere attorneys, Mr. Buchholz began his career as a special assistant to Senator John Heinz and then began practicing law at the firm of Blank Rome, LLP. In the aftermath of the September 11th attacks, Mr. Buchholz was appointed by President George W. Bush to work in the White House as special assistant to the president for homeland security. He helped Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Ridge build a complex new department that combined 22 federal agencies and 17,000 employees. In 2012 he brought his multinational corporate litigation practice to DLA Piper.

Mr. Buchholz believed that sound citizenship starts with an educated population. He set to work increasing college access to students from disadvantaged backgrounds by serving Drexel and several other educational institutions. He also promoted democracy as a member of the Committee of Seventy and Pennsylvanians for Effective Government. Turning to the very roots of U.S. citizenship, Mr. Buchholz became a major force in realizing the Museum of the American Revolution in Philadelphia. He served numerous other cultural and educational organizations with the same integrity and zeal.

Drexel drew gratefully on Mr. Buchholz’ experience as an attorney, CEO, risk manager, talent scout and deal-maker. As he fought illness courageously during the last year of his life, it was not unusual for him to attend Drexel meetings via telephone.

DLA Piper has established a fund at Drexel to recognize students who exemplify Mr. Buchholz’ civic spirit. Drexel will remember Mr. Buchholz as a true friend and advisor, imbued with integrity, honesty and leadership. He is survived by his wife, Karen, and their son, Alex, and daughter, Julia.

Melba Pearlstein HD ’11
Melba Pearlstein HD ’11

Melba Pearlstein HD ’11, emerita trustee of Drexel University and a member of the Board of Visitors, was beloved by all who knew her. A charming, graceful woman, Mrs. Pearlstein was active as a community leader and business executive. She collaborated closely with her late husband, Leonard, in entrepreneurship and in philanthropy that helped shape the Drexel we know today.

Mrs. Pearlstein began her work with the University in 1980 when she helped establish the Friends of Design Arts. She championed the Westphal College of Media Arts & Design. Both she and her daughter, Trustee Abbie Dean ’07, worked tirelessly on the successful “Space to Create” Campaign that led to the construction of the URBN Center, which now houses Westphal College. This award-winning building promotes creativity by students and faculty in programs that range from product design to digital media. Thanks to the entire Pearlstein family’s generosity, Drexel has presented dozens of important exhibitions of art and design.

Mrs. Pearlstein almost single-handedly generated awareness of Drexel’s fashion program and its Robert and Penny Fox Historic Costume Collection, leading many Philadelphians to contribute financially and donate haute couture to expand the collection. The Pearlstein family’s generosity established the original Pearlstein Gallery in Nesbitt Hall and the wonderful new Pearlstein Gallery in the URBN Center.

As President John Fry put it, “Melba was more than a fashion maven. She also had a savvy business sense.” In 1996, when her husband passed away, Mrs. Pearlstein bravely and ably stepped into his spot as Chairman and Chief Executive of Confab Corporation, the private label manufacturing and sales company her husband began in 1955. At his passing, she had oversight of more than 1,200 employees and over $200 million in sales. Additionally, she assumed his seat as a Drexel trustee. She served with distinction until 2003 and then became a trustee emerita. She launched the Pearlstein Business Learning Center at the LeBow College of Business and the Leonard Pearlstein Endowed Scholarship Fund, both in Mr. Pearlstein’s honor.

Outside of Drexel, she held numerous other leadership positions for organizations ranging from the Concerto Soloists to the National Disease Research Interchange Society. Her generosity extended to the American Museum of Jewish History, Project HOME, the Philadelphia Library and the Chamber Orchestra.

Mrs. Pearlstein leaves four children, including Abbie Dean, Lorie Peters Lauthier, John S. Pearlstein and Hayley Fink, and eight grandchildren. We hope they will take comfort in the tremendous legacy their parents have created at Drexel University and for the City of Philadelphia.

Impact by the Numbers


Collectively, you and your fellow supporters made 15,316 gifts totaling $120,707,919.