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Legal Research Center Renovation FAQ

(updated August 15, 2008)



Q: What’s happening to the Legal Research Center as a result of renovation?

A: The Legal Research Center will be almost completely renovated this summer with some current library space being converted to non-library space and some new space added to the Legal Research Center . 

The Legal Research Center reading room on the 3rd floor overlooking Market Street will be converted to student space and two seminar rooms and the circulation and reference desks will be dismantled.  The 2nd floor of the LRC will be converted to faculty offices; the remaining 3rd floor space with offices and stacks will remain largely intact with the addition of a new entrance and a new circulation and reference desk.

The big news is that the existing Legal Research Center space on the 3rd floor will be integrated with completely renovated space on the 3rd floor of the Hagerty Library.



Q: What’s the timeline for the renovation?

A: The noise you’ve heard the past month was for the work to prepare the 3rd floor of Hagerty for Legal Research Center use (we’ve added group study rooms, rooms for the law review, new stacks, new lighting and HVAC, and staff offices).  Because there will be ongoing work on the current 3rd floor of the Legal Research Center and the 3rd floor of Hagerty, those areas will be closed for the summer and we expect to reopen on Monday, August 18.  Until then, access to Legal Research Center circulation and reference services will be through the main entrance at Hagerty.



Q: Will the Legal Research Center be open during the summer?

A: Yes and no.  The current Legal Research Center space will be open through Sunday, June 1. 

Beginning Monday, June 2, however, the Legal Research Center space will close.  LRC staff will continue to provide all law library services, including circulation and reference, on the main floor of the Hagerty Library until the Legal Research Center space reopens during the summer.  (Map of Law Services in Hagerty)



Q: Will I still be able to enter the Legal Research Center from the law school during the summer?

A: Only through June 1.  As of June 2 the Legal Research Center entrance on the third floor of the law school building will be closed until the renovation project is complete in mid-August. 



Q: What do I need to get into Hagerty?

A: You’ll need to swipe your DragonCard at the security gate.



Q: What about Legal Research Center hours this summer and the fall quarter?

A: Good question.  As you might assume, our hours will change to coincide with Hagerty’s hours. 
Because Hagerty is frequently open much longer hours than the Legal Research Center you will be able to use the LRC space and collections much later than is currently the case.  Note, however, that Legal Research Center services such as circulation and reserves will operate on the Legal Research Center schedule; this means that the circulation desk and reserves will close before Hagerty closes.

Once the LRC circulation and reserve desk is closed, you can use the Hagerty circulation desk to check out materials from the law collection (map). Unfortunately, law reserve materials will be available only when the LRC circulation desk is staffed.

Details on the new library hours will be available later in the summer, in the law school newsletter and on the web.



Q: What about printing during the renovation?

A: The Lexis and Westlaw printers are currently located in Room 138 on the first floor of Hagerty (map), and will be moved to the 3rd floor of Hagerty when the Legal Research Center space re-opens..

During the renovation, you can use your DragonCard to print at the Hagerty printers but be aware, there is no free printing.  Also, any print jobs sent to the Legal Research Center network printers can be picked up at the Hagerty printers, though your $10 credit will not be available on Hagerty printers. If you have questions about printing, see Steve Thorpe (srt36@drexel.edu) or Keith Berthrong (kab66@drexel.edu) or send an email to the Legal Research Center reference email account (lawref@drexel.edu).  The LRC network printers will be available once our space re-opens.




Q: What can I do if I need to use books from the Legal Research Center before the space is open?

A: Ask a Legal Research Center staff member to retrieve the materials you need.  There may be some short blackout periods when the books are being moved and we will not be able to get the materials for you then.



Q: I understand the Legal Research Center will be located on the third floor of Hagerty.  When can we use that space?

A: We expect to be open on Monday, August 18 .



Q: Where will the Legal Research Center entrance be located after the renovation is completed?

A: Is this a trick question?  When renovation is complete the Legal Research Center will have two entrances (and exits).  A new entrance will be constructed on the 3rd floor of the law school.  You also will be able to use the Hagerty entrance and come up to the 3rd floor.  We expect most law students will use the Legal Research Center entrance.



Q: What type of security will be in the Legal Research Center ?

A: We will have turnstiles in the new entrance similar to the ones in use at Hagerty.  All students and faculty will have to carry and swipe their DragonCards to get through the turnstiles.



Q: Can other Drexel students use the Legal Research Center space in Hagerty?

A: Yes.  Other Drexel students currently have access to the current Legal Research Center space (except during the law school reading and exam periods).  Our goal is to continue that practice in the new space. 



Q: Will there be group study rooms in the new space?

A: Yes.  We will have four large group study rooms, with technology that will seat six or more.  There also will be one small group study room that can accommodate two people. 



Q: Will law students have priority for the group study rooms on the 3rd floor of Hagerty?

A: Yes.  We will have a room signup process similar to the one we currently offer.



Q: Will we be getting new library furniture?

A: We will be getting (although it may be several months off) new chairs for the tables and carrels.  We also will be getting some new casual seating that will supplement the current casual seating with the tablet arms.  We also will be getting some new tables with library lighting and are working on a solution to replace the table lighting we currently have.