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The Suggestion Box


We invite questions, comments, and concerns from our patrons to help us improve our public services, as well as requests for library materials to purchase.  The Legal Research Center staff is eager to respond to all inquiries to ensure better services, resources, and policies.  If you would like to hear back from us, please include your name and e-mail address below.

Your Suggestion:

Your Name (optional):

E-mail Address (optional):

May we post this suggestion on the Legal Research Center site, along with our response? Your name and e-mail address will not be posted.


For Hagerty and Health Sciences Libraries, please see the University Libraries' Suggestion Box.


August 28, 2013

Food in the Library

As a responsible law student who uses the Legal Research Center for studying at hours at a time, I think snacks or some form of sustenance should be permitted. I understand prohibiting a full spread lunch; however, a piece of fruit, a bagel, or other small snack should be permitted, especially for those who spend hours at the library at a time. As law students I think we are capable of using our discretion regarding this matter and respecting the library and other students in doing it quietly and cleaning up any trash.

Thank you for the suggestion. The Legal Research Center had the same food policy that you suggest for two years. Unfortunately, when the library staff tried to enforce the no "full spread lunch" you mention below, many law students would argue with the staff that their food was a snack. In addition to the enforcement issue, rodents and roaches began to appear in the LRC. Therefore it was decided by the library administration to change the policy to no food.

Students are encouraged to take a break and make use of the third floor lounge for eating their snacks.


April 15, 2013

Laptop Chargers

Thank you for getting a variety of power cords for students to borrow, that was very thoughtful.

We’re very glad that you’ve found the chargers useful. Please feel free to share any other comments or suggestions you may have.


April 9, 2013

Out of Date Magazines

Why are all the magazines out of date? Newsweek is not printed anymore and the Economist cover article is about the election.

Thanks for your comment. Our Collection Services department has discontinued the LRC’s subscription to some magazines because Hagerty Library also carries these titles. The extensive magazine collection is available on the lower level of Hagerty. The libraries also provide online access to many of these publications, via the online catalog. The magazines that the LRC have not discontinued should be up to date with the latest issue on the shelves. We have removed the cancelled magazines from the shelves. Please let us know if you have any other suggestions.


March 12, 2013

Elevator Malfunctioning

The elevator is malfunctioning to the effect that when someone rides it up to the 3rd floor the door will repeatedly open and close after the passenger has disembarked.

Thanks for your comment and we are sorry for the inconvenience. This has been an ongoing problem with the elevator but we have re-alerted the facilities staff to the issue.


February 16, 2013

DragonCard + Printer Problem

Printers do not work with my card more often than not. Often get message “No billing information”, although it recognizes my balance when I swipe my card. Is a source of considerable frustration and interruption with studying.

Thank you for getting in touch and we are sorry you’re having this problem with your DragonCard.  This issue typically occurs when a student has to replace their original DragonCard.  For all students experiencing this problem: please ask someone at the Circulation Desk to swipe your card on our special card reader. The information pulled from the card will help us understand the problem better and we will try to fix it. If our usual solutions do not work, there may be a problem with the DragonCard itself and the magnetic strip on the back. If this is the case, the card may need to be reprogramed or replaced at the DragonCard Office in the Creese Student Center (3210 Chestnut Street, Suite 124). We hope this helps.


January 28, 2013

Noise Level

The library staff is so loud—I don’t mind the talking it’s just the volume.

Thank you for your comment. We apologize for the disruption and have spread word to the LRC staff to be mindful of their volume when at the circulation desk and throughout the library. If the volume continues to be a problem, please let us know.


April 11 , 2011

Fax Machine

Does the Legal Research Center have a fax machine available for students to use?

Fax machines and related services are available at the Drexel Copy Center, located nearby in MacAlister Hall, by the Drexel Bookstore.


March 5, 2011

Alumni Printing and Copying

Is there an alumni card I can get to provide easier access to the printing and copying in the Legal Research Center?

Due to security issues the alumni office is not able to provide Dragon Cards, which are needed for access and copying, to alumni.  The LRC staff are always happy to assist alumni and other visitors with access and copying or printing needs.


February 22 , 2011

Wall Clocks

I think a wall clock in the main study areas would help me out. I never know what time it is…

Because students have many devices they can use to check the time (cell phones, PDA’s, laptops, etc.), the decision was made not to place wall clocks in the LRC.  We will follow up with the administration about the possibility of clocks.


November 10 , 2010

Missing Ethernet Cords

A number of tables have missing or disconnected network cords.

The network cables which were disconnected in the annex have been re-connected, and network cables at several of the large tables and some of the carrels on the east side of the Legal Research Center have been re-installed.  The network connections at all the tables and carrels in the annex should now be working.


October 16, 2010

Cash Drawer at the Circulation Desk

Why can't we get change at the circulation desk for putting money on our DragonCard?

Due to security the Legal Research Center does not handle cash.  The University Library has a cash register and will provide change.


September 17, 2010

Friday and Saturday Hours

The library should stay open later on Fridays and Saturdays.

Currently, Legal Research Center law students usage patterns do not warrant staying open past 8pm on Friday and Saturday evenings.  During the reading and final exam period the LRC is open until midnight seven days a week.  While LRC services end at 8pm on Friday and Saturday evenings, students can stay in the LRC until the University Library closes at 10pm.  If more law students begin using the LRC during the weekend evening hours we will re-address the need to stay open later.


September 2, 2010

Paper Recycling in Study Rooms

You should designate one of the trash bins in each study room as "paper-only", so the paper can be recycled.

Thank you for your suggestion.  The Legal Research Center has placed blue recycle bins in all of the study rooms in the LRC.



June 10 , 2010

Non-Law Students in the Annex

Non-law students are using the 3rd floor area on the law school side in the early morning and late evenings when the LRC is closed.

Based on Legal Research Center law student usage patterns it was decided by the Law School and University Administration to open the LRC to non-law students after 6 pm and before 7:30 p.m. during the week and all day on the weekends.


April 20, 2010

Study Guides on the Website

It would be useful to have a listing of all the available study guides that the library has, in an easy to find section of the legal research center's homepage website--perhaps under resources.  It could be done by class/subject matter.

The Legal Research Center has a subject listing of study guides on reserve on the course reserves page of the LRC website,  Since we already have a "Research Guides" link on the home page we felt that also having a "Study Guides" link on the home page would be ambiguous and confusing to our users.  Since the study guides are already on reserve we felt that the course reserves page was the place for this link.

Note to LRC users:  When you are unable to locate information on our website, please ask for assistance at the circulation or reference desks.  We have created many useful resources that one of our circulation assistants or reference librarians can help you locate on our website.


January 25, 2010

Study Room Policies

I would like a consistent room reservation policy for study rooms. I was denied a room by one staff member only to watch a classmate get a room without problem from a different staff member. During the lead up to exam periods, study room time should not be extended if there are other people waiting for the rooms. And please, don't allow people to sleep in the rooms with the lights out when other students need them to actually study. That really should go without saying.

I'm sorry that you were unable to check out a study room key.  As the study room reservation policy below states, study rooms are available on a first-come first-serve basis.  If a room was available and no one was already waiting for one you should have been able to secure a study room key.  Also, as the policy states, the LRC does not automatically extend the time period for study rooms.  When all the study rooms are in use study room occupants are required to wait 15 minutes before they can re-check out a room.  Students waiting for a key must return to the circulation desk within that 15 minute time period.  We will review the policy with Access Services staff and student workers to ensure that everyone is consistent in carrying out the policy.

The LRC policy on study rooms only addresses checking out a study room, not what type of activities, such as sleeping, can take place in a study room.   The LRC administration is working with Dean Oates on seeking input from student leaders on whether our policy needs to be changed and what type of changes would best serve the student population.  Any changes in our study room policy will be published on the LRC website and in the student newsletter.

Thank you for your comment.

Study Room Policy

The Drexel University Thomas R. Kline School of Law Legal Research Center (LRC) has five study rooms available in the LRC and another three in the Law School, all for use by law students during the hours the LRC is staffed.  Study rooms L320, L321, L322 and L323 are located along the east end of the shelving, while room L319 is located behind the copy room on the Market Street side of the library.  Study rooms 221, 222, and 223 are located on the second floor of the law school.  The study rooms in the LRC can be checked out for 2 hours, and the study rooms in the law school can be checked out for 3 hours.  All rooms are available on a first-come-first-served basis.  Keys for the study rooms can be checked out at the Access Services desk.  The LRC reserves the right to cancel a study room checkout due to lack of use.

A study room can be renewed immediately if other rooms are available.  If the rooms are full or nearly full, the group will be asked to wait 15 minutes before renewing.  In this case, the group is permitted to return to the room and remain there with their belongings while waiting out the 15 minutes, or until a second group requests the room.


October 13 , 2009

Noisy Workers in the Library

It's really distracting when University workers walk around the LRC and talk, have their walkie-talkies on that are loud and staticky, and carry their keys outside of their pockets so they jingle loudly with every step.

University facilities workers have been asked to turn down their radios and keep any disruptions to a minimum.  A reminder will be sent to the facilities supervisor.  At times there also may be non-University contract workers in the building, so it would be helpful if students reported excess noise and disruptions to the circulation desk.


September 25 , 2009

Using Macs with Study Room Screens

Could we get cables to hook up our Macs to the screens in the study rooms?  You only have cables for PCs.

We have placed on reserve Mini-DVI and DisplayPort connectors for connecting Macs to the LCD screens.  We are also expecting a DVI adapter to arrive shortly.  These three connectors will cover all recent Macbook models.


September 24 , 2009

Study Room Fines

The fines for study rooms are outrageous!

Fines for study rooms are $1.00 per hour, the same as fines for reserve material.  Study rooms are very popular and returning keys late (there is a 10-minute grace period) inconveniences students waiting to use the room.  Fines are used as a deterrent to ensure materials or keys are returned in a timely manner.


July 14 , 2009

Annex Not Open?

I was told over the weekend by Public Safety that the Annex is not open to students after the LRC desk closes.  Is that true?.

Law students can study in the Annex as long as the University Library is open.  This was a mistake on the part of the Public Safety Officer.  Thank you for letting us know so we can make sure that all the Public Safety Officers are aware of our law student after-hours use policy.

July 12 , 2009

Less Study Rooms?

The Law Review taking over all the study rooms is insane.  It was hard enough to find a room to study in.  Now it’s even harder.

The rooms occupied by Law Review and the Advocacy Clinic have always belonged to the law school.  The law school let the LRC use the rooms as study rooms when they were not needed.  Additional study rooms are available for law student use in Hagerty Library.  You can sign up for these rooms at


May 4 , 2009

Change at the Circulation Desk

Why doesn’t the library have any change?  It’s inconvenient when I have to pay my fine.

The library does not keep cash on hand for security reasons.  If a student does not have the exact amount for the LRC fine they do have three options:

  1. Pay the fine at the LRC circulation desk out of their Ultima funds on their DragonCard
  2. Pay the fine in cash at Hagerty Library; they have a cash register
  3. Pay the fine with a credit card at Hagerty Library


May 3 , 2009

Undergrads on Cell Phones

There are undergrads talking on their cell phones on the 3rd floor.  Can you do anything about it?

Cell phone use in monitored frequently on the third floor by the LRC staff and the Hagerty Library Courtesy Clerk.  Law students can help us by immediately reporting to the circulation desk any cell phone use outside of the designated cell phone use area.


April 27 , 2009

Charging for Study Rooms?

I heard that students need to pay to use the study rooms in the LRC... is that true?

The Legal Research Center has eight study rooms in the LRC and three in the law school, available for use by law students during LRC service hours.  Law students do not have to pay to use the study rooms. Study rooms are treated the same as reserves and are subject to late fees when the key is not returned when due.


April 17 , 2009

Wireless Printing Problems

Please fix the library's wireless printing software.  It is extremely inconvenient to have to print documents from the library computers, especially when printing reading assignments from TWEN.  We have been unable to use the wireless printing for over a month now.  Thank you!

Due to an emergency print server move, use of wireless printing in the LRC will require and uninstall and reinstall of the printer software. Instructions for this can be found on the Printing page. We apologize for the inconvenience.


April 6 , 2009

Study Carrels Power

Please equip the study carrels in the rear of the annex with enough outlets (you only need 8) so that all four of the carrel stations can have lights and power at the same time.  Currently, there is one power strip with 6 outlets to serve an 8 outlet study carrel.  Also, only one of the two 4 seat carrels in the rear of the annex have ethernet cables.  Please provide ethernet cables for these carrels as soon as possible, especially since many students currently have NO wireless connectivity.

The 8 seats at the annex carrels are now fully equipped with power, lights, and Ethernet connectivity.


February 17 , 2009

Too Cold in the LRC

It is freezing in here.  I know people have written in about this before and the library staff doesn't have control over the temperature, but isn't there anything else that can be done?

We followed up with Facilities and they've been actively working throughout the LRC and Law building in the last week to adjust airflow and temperature throughout.


February 13 , 2009

New Chairs?

When will we receive the new library chairs discussed last year?

The chairs will be replaced in August with more appropriate seating.


February 9 , 2009

Whiteboards in Group Study Rooms

Have you considered putting white boards in the study rooms in the LRC?

Yes, whiteboards will be installed in the group study rooms after Spring Term finals.


February 2 , 2009

Mac Workstations

Would it be possible to acquire Mac workstations for law student use?

The LRC does not provide Mac workstations due to their additional cost and support requirements.  However, Mac workstations are available at the Korman Computing Center for student use.


January 20, 2009

DragonFly3 Issues

Fix dragonfly3.

The DragonFly3 network is maintained by Drexel IRT who controls the wireless access in the LRC. To troubleshoot connection issues, please follow IRT's instructions for DragonFly3 setup to check or reconfigure your connection.  Print copies of these instructions are also available at the LRC circ desk.  If you continue to experience issues, please contact LawTech for an appointment (walk-in hours M-F, 4-5pm), or visit the Korman Computing Center (hours).

[Update: 2/11/09]: IRT has updated the DragonFly3 instructions to address connectivity and security issues. To access the updated instructions, visit AskDrexel at and click “Current Students Faculty and Staff.”  Search for “dragonfly3” and choose “How do I connect to DragonFly3?” from the results. Choose your operating system and follow the instructions. A PDF version can also be downloaded from


January 14, 2009

Drinks at the LRC Public PCs

The LRC should not require the same no-drinks-at-computer rule that the undergraduates require.

The “no drinks at the computers” policy was put in place because electronic equipment is very sensitive to liquid.  A small spill could damage one of the public PC’s or even start a fire.


December 18, 2008

Night Access to the Law School

The door to the law building should have card access at night for Law students.

We are unable to provide access to the law building after the LRC closes, as none of our staff members are present to monitor the security of patrons and library materials going to and from the law building. In addition, Hagerty Library (including the LRC space) is often open later than the law building, and students are not permitted to enter the law building after it's closed.


December 11, 2008

Locked 2nd-floor Study Rooms

Please unlock the 2nd floor study rooms.

The 2nd floor study rooms were locked after someone removed the tables and chairs from two of the rooms. The rooms are available for study by checking out a key in the LRC. Also, the check out time has been increased from two to three hours.


December 10, 2008

Undergraduates in LRC

Too many undergrads!! No room for law students.

While a lack of study space for law and undergrads is a continuing problem, it was especially bad during University final exams. The law school administration is working with the University on this problem. The University is working on several projects which will create additional study space for the undergraduates next Fall. In the meantime the LRC has set aside several tables and carrels for exclusive use by law students, and is also closing the LRC to all non-law students the week before and through the final exam period.


December 9, 2008

Card Reader at the Printer

The card reader at the printer is very frustrating. Sometimes it takes 10+swipes to get the card to read. Swipe too slow and it doesn’t read it at all. Any chance for improvement?

There was an issue with electrical interference on the card readers that was causing the problems you experienced. We've fixed these problems and now the card readers should work well no matter how fast you swipe your card. If you experience any further difficulties, please let an LRC staff member know.


December 7, 2008

Ethernet Cables

Can non-Law students check out Ethernet cables from the LRC?

The LRC has a limited supply of Ethernet cables to check out and limits their use to Law students. However, you can check out Ethernet cables from the Hagerty Circulation desk on the first floor.


December 5, 2008


We should have a scanner like the undergrad Hagerty.

The LRC is currently looking into a solution for student scanning and expects it will be available soon. In the meantime, you may use the e-mail scanner on the first floor of Hagerty, or the 4 flatbed scanners located in the Hagerty lower level by the Archives.


December 1, 2008

Too Cold in LRC

The library is too cold!!

Unfortunately, we only have a limited amount of control over the climate control in the LRC. However, we did send a request to Facilities to look into the problem.  Facilities sent their heating and cooling technicians who took temperature readings throughout the LRC.  All the temperature readings came up as 72 degrees Fahrenheit, which is the University setting for all thermostats.  We apologize for the inconvenience.


November 24 , 2008

Paper Recycling Bins

The Law Library needs paper recycling bins next to the copiers and throughout the library.

There is already a large recycling bin in the copy room to the right of the color printer/copier, and we just added a recycling bin by the printer/copier in the Annex, as well. We've also placed an order for more paper recycling bins and will be distributing them across the LRC once we receive them.


November 11 , 2008

Duplex Printing

To promote saving paper, printing duplex should be less than $0.20 .

We agree, and the price of B&W duplex printing has now been reduced to $0.16 per page ($0.08 per side). The price of color duplex printing has also been reduced, to $0.80 per page ($0.40 per side)


October 6, 2008

Non-Law Student Access to LRC

Is there any way to limit the access of undergrads to parts of the Legal Research Center? The Legal Research Center is crowded and noisy with all the undergrad students.  Additionally, is there going to be a procedure in place to keep undergrads out of the Legal Research Center during our final exams?

The Annex, upper level of the LRC, has been designated for law student use only.  The week before the reading period and through final exams the Legal Research Center will be closed to non-law students.


October 5, 2008

Thank you

Thank you for the law student only area!!

You're welcome.


October 4, 2008

MPRE Sample Questions Book

Hi, I noticed that a few law school libraries have this book, would it be possible for the library to purchase this book? It is the official MPRE sample questions guide, an exam law students have to take, usually before the bar exam.

I’m pleased to let you know that we do own the title you have requested.  It’s on Law Reserves.  Please ask for this title at the LRC Circulation Desk.


September 30 , 2008

LRC Public PCs

The undergraduates are monopolizing all of the public PCs! Me and several other Law students were unable to get a PC tonight.

As of November 17, all public PCs in the Legal Research Center will be restricted to Law students only, and non-Law students will be unable to log on.


September 18 , 2008

Cell Phone Use

Ban annoying cell phone use.

Cell phone use in the Legal Research Center is limited to the designated cell phone area near the bathrooms. If another patron is having a disruptive cell phone conversation elsewhere in the library, please inform a staff member at the Circulation Desk and we'll take care of the issue. The University Library has also hired a Courtesy Clerk to help enforce Hagerty Library and LRC policies, including the use of cell phones.


September 4 , 2008

Thank You

I just want to say thank you. The staff has been so helpful to me in the past week, whether it be in regard to printing materials or researching legislative history. Thanks!!

You're welcome! We're glad to be of service.