High School Lesson Plans

As part of out FY17 evluation we will be administering the following 8 High School lessons:

  • Build a Healthy Plate
  • Choose a Healthy Breakfast
  • Understanding Energy Balance 
  • Strong Bones: Calci-YUM and Vitamin D
  • Snack Wise
  • Fast Food: Figuring Out the Facts
  • Choosing Healthy Beverages: Rethink Your Drink
  • Fruits and Vegetables: Fear Factor

Additionally we will be administering the following 8 Cooking Club Lessons:

  • Food Safety
  • MyPlate
  • Breakfast
  • Calcium/Vitamins & Minerals
  • Vegetables
  • Fruit
  • Healthy Snacks
  • Healthy Beverages

Our Cooking Club series can be found here.

Feel free to use the lesson plans listed below in your own classroom to encourage your students to build healthier habits.





Not in Philadelphia? Our High School Workbook is also available for use in any neighborhood! Click the link below to access the Eat Right In Your Neighbohood booklet that can be used in your own city.


Questioons or Comments? Please email us at: nep@drexel.edu.