About the Smart House

The House as envisioned in a student generated rendering.

Located at 35th and Race Street on Drexel University’s Philadelphia Campus, the Drexel Smart House is envisioned to be a “living laboratory” in which students will live and provide critical feedback on various research projects.

The home and educational initiative will be showcased on the Internet, television programs, in research publications, and sustainability and design events and conferences around the world.

The Drexel Smart House organization is uniquely structured to give students involved an advantage in commercializing, licensing, and market entry based on research conducted within the organization. Working closely with the Baiada Institute for Entrepreneurship at Drexel University, the Smart House organization hopes to allow ambitious students to launch their ideas into startup companies and licensing opportunities.


The original house circa 2007 before work began on the project.

The Drexel Smart House first began in 2006 with the encouragement of Dr. Mark Greenberg and the Honors College. At this time, the founding members of the organization first began meeting to define the organization's mission and objectives.  Within the first 16 months, the Drexel Smart House organization was given an experimental 4,500 square foot property on campus by Student Life and Administrative Services, and a 300 square foot laboratory.  Since then, the organization's membership has grown dramatically and has impacted more than 600 students from all of the Colleges at Drexel University.

The Drexel Smart House organization has established itself as a launch pad for research and technology at the University, focusing on the renovation of a 19th century urban home into an environmentally conscious, high performance, energy efficient building to serve as a platform for innovation, model for the community, classroom and residence.  When completed, the home will be used for student housing in which ongoing research will be conducted continually.

Since our inception, the Executive Council of the Drexel Smart House has been working to develop an extensive support network made up of faculty members and alumni in related industries. Additionally, the organization's researchers have partnered with specific companies to co-develop new technologies.