Mission & Vision


Drexel Smart House is a student-led, multidisciplinary project to renovate an urban home to serve as a “living laboratory” for exploring cutting edge design and technology. Participants conduct research and develop designs in order to improve the quality of life in urban residential settings. Students will live, interact, experiment, learn, research and document data as well as their experiences. The redesign and construction of the home will adhere to sustainable and innovative principles.


The Drexel Smart House provides an innovative model for future urban homes in order to demonstrate how the quality of life can be improved through smart design and technology; reducing environmental impacts, providing a healthier environment, simplifying daily tasks. The house is a permanent testing ground for innovative technologies, prepares technology for wide-scale adoption, helps shape new markets, and pushes the envelope in governmental and regulatory restrictions to allow for easier sustainable design. We aim to make technology accessible to individuals regardless of age or technical experience. We monitor and maintain a healthy home with healthy and happy residents. We commit to increase the efficiency and productivity of the residents while reducing their impact on the environment. The overall effect is a demonstration of the symbiotic relationship between technology and sustainability in the modern home.

The building is just the beginning. The real value of the Drexel Smart House program is in the research and design projects conducted by student members. Drexel Smart House will create an unprecedented opportunity for a large group of dedicated students from diverse fields within the university to work toward a common goal:

Smart House > Smart Block > Smart Community.

Through student-led (undergraduate and graduate from all of the colleges and majors) research and design, the Drexel Smart House will explore new residential designs and technologies, with the ability to eventually transfer to an entire block of urban homes, and even an entire community influenced by many iterations of research and design. Ultimately the students work will come to fruition through implementation of the Smart House mission into an urban residence, urban block, and urban community where involved students can live and work, studying the effectiveness of new ideas and demonstrating the benefits of better living through smarter design and technology.