To provide you with the best possible application experience, we ask that you prepare all of the following materials
and information before beginning this application. This application will expire in 120 minutes and information cannot be saved.
If your application session expires, you will need to begin the application again.

Information you may need to complete this application:

High School Information
Name and location of school
Telephone number
Dates of attendance
GPA (Cumulative & Science/Math)
Honors Classes Completed
Years completed or in progress
Grade received
Alumni/Alumnae Relatives
Relative's name
Relationship to you
School attended and year MD received
Affiliated hospital of employment (optional)
Standardized Testing Scores
SAT I (Date, Critical Reading, Math & Writing)
ACT (Date, English, Math, Reading, Science & Composite)
SAT II (Date, Subject & Score)
AP or IB Courses & Test Scores
Activities & Work Experience
Medically related volunteer activities
Extracurricular, research & other volunteer activities
Employment experience
Class Rank Information
If unavailable, estimate the percentile (i.e., top 5%, top 10%)
Essay of Intent:

Tell the Admissions Committee why you are applying to the joint program(s) with Drexel University College of Medicine.
Be sure to explain why you want to be a physician and more specifically why you want to obtain your medical education at
Drexel University College of Medicine. If you are applying to any of our accelerated joint programs (i.e., those with only
three years of college), be sure to explain why you are pursuing that particular option.The essay should be approximately
500 words long.

Additional instructions regarding the BS/BA/MD Supplemental Application:
  1. You must indicate on Drexel’s Application for Undergraduate Admission that you are interested in applying to the
  2. BS/BA/MD accelerated degree program to be considered for this program.

  3. You should submit your application for admission prior to submitting the online College of Medicine Supplemental
  4. Application.

  5. This application should be used only by students who have applied to an undergraduate program at Drexel and are
  6. interested in being considered for the BS/BA/MD accelerated degree program at the Drexel College of Medicine.
    Information from this application will not be sent to other universities that are affiliated with the Drexel College of Medicine.
    If you choose to also apply to an undergraduate program at another institution that has an affiliation with the Drexel
    College of Medicine, please contact that institution directly to learn more about their application process.

  7. The Drexel University College of Medicine will only accept online applications through this system. Please do not submit
  8. a paper application to the College of Medicine.

  9. Please note that only select undergraduate majors are eligible to participate in the BA/BS/MD program. Eligible majors
  10. can be found at

  11. All required documents should be received by the Admissions Committee by the November 4 deadline. Please allow
  12. 2-3 weeks for processing.

  13. It is recommended that you print your completed College of Medicine Supplemental Application for your records before
  14. you submit it.