Movement Breaks

Research has shown that movement breaks can help your students to be alert, engaged, and focused in class.

A graphic with the following text: Why are movement breaks important? Movement breaks are brief intervals of structured physical activity in the classroom led by a teacher that provide students a “brain break” and allow them to burn off excess energy so they are more focused, engaged, and ready to learn! In addition to helping students get their daily recommended amount of physical activity, research has shown that movement breaks are associated with improved: Cognitive performance, Educational outcomes, and classroom behavior.

Each month, your PA SNAP-Ed / EAT RIGHT PHILLY nutrition educator may give you an example of a movement break (also called a brain break) you can use with your students.

Below are those movement breaks that you can use and reuse anytime. Click to download the PDF to print or save:

Elementary School

Middle School / High School

Our students at The Philadelphia Charter School For Arts And Sciences At HR Edmunds took time to demonstrate their movement break skills. Check them out below!