What We Do

Drexel University’s PA SNAP-Ed/ Eat Right Philly Program uses a variety of interventions to promote lasting healthy habits. 

Nutrition lessons for students and adults are conducted using evidence-based curricula, which is delivered as intended. Lessons may include a food tasting, information materials, games, worksheets, cooking activities, and small incentives for participants.

Policy, systems, and environment (PSE) interventions are used to make changes to existing policies, systems, or the environment which will empower participants to eat healthier, move more, and reduce their risk of developing chronic health conditions. Some examples of these interventions include:

School Health Improvement Plans – Assist the school community in assessing their current school environment, develop a school health improvement plan, and implement interventions that address the school’s health goals and adhere to the School Wellness Policy.

Promotional Programs:

  • Fruit or Vegetable of the Month Tastings
  • Breakfast Promotion
  • Hydration Promotion
  • Movement Break Promotions
  • Healthy Fundraisers
  • Healthy Classroom Celebrations

Gardening Projects – Whether in the classroom or outside in a garden, your nutrition educator can work with staff and students on learning the benefits of gardening.

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